Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The end of our amazing journey

Yes yes y’all. Reppin’ back of the bu$$ c r e w. It’s 6 in the morning and we’re heading to the airport in tel aviv after a festive evening remembering all that’s happened over the past ten days.

We began the morning at Har Herzl, the large military cemetery in Jerusalem. We walked past the tombs and memorials, stopping at particular sites of interest and reflecting on the role of the IDF in Israel. Of particular interest was the Dakar submarine memorial, one of the more interestingly designed areas of the cemetery. Or, one of our soldiers who is in the navy, gave us insight into life on a submarine.

After har herzl, we moved on to ben yehuda street, a bustling shopping area, and the machneh yehuda, jerusalem’s central market. Perusing fruits and vegetables, we refleted on daily life in this city.

The day ended with a concert from rock musician Udi Krauss and a discussion about the past ten days. It seems like everybody had an awesome experience, myself included. Not surprising. We had a tearful goodbye at the airport with our Israelis - we are going to miss them so much. 

- Luke Pyenson

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