Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looking Back on day 2 with smiles

Room 27 blog!

Today, after eleven glorious hours of sleep, we grabbed breakfast at the kibbutz (they had pudding!), and left for our adventure by 8:15. First we heard one of our israeli friends, leor, tell us about his army base. Arielle also gave us a brief history of israel's wars. Then we took pictures with tanks. Next we checked out the views of mt. Hermon as we stood atop the volcano mt bental. Later we made our way through a very dark bomb shelter on the volcano itself. On the way to the city  we made a pit stop at a delicious chocolate shop-we recommend the hot chocolate :). When we reached Tzfat, we took a tour of a beautiful synagogue and then did some shopping. We bought a mazuzah for our parents (hopefully they don't read this before they open it!) and some candles and bartered for jewelry. Next we stopped at a cemetery where Naomi shemer and Rachel ( famous israeli poets/singers) are buried. Our israeli friends gave us a rendition of one of Rachel's songs- they have beautiful singing voices ;). Now we have a tad bit of down time before dinner. We are tired and hungry but happy! 

Lila Tov,
Jenna a12 and Tess a14

Pictures to come soon!

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